City Attorney

The City Attorney's role is currently fulfilled by outside counsel. Tim Stranko, Esquire is the the City Prosecutor.

Legal Actions

  • Provides advice to and represents the city as a corporate entity, its City Council, the City Manager, the Chief of Police, the Planning Commission and all city departments and employees
  • Answer legal questions related to city activities, including interpretation of the city code
  • Cannot provide advice about personal or private legal problems of citizens
  • Drafts resolutions and ordinances for City Council consideration, drafts and reviews contracts, issues opinions on zoning, procurement, and personnel matters, and responds to inquiries under the Freedom of Information Act
  • Handles certain types of litigation, risk management and real estate matters


The City Attorney's Office has three primary goals:


The City Attorney's Office is responsible for the defense of the city, its officers and employees against all claims, actions, suits, prosecutions and other proceedings brought against them. The office is also responsible for bringing legal actions on behalf of the City of Ranson.

Business & Regulations

The City Attorney's Office functions in the traditional general counsel role offering opinions, reviewing contracts and proposed legislation as to form and advising the various departments of city government as requested by those departments.


Charlie B. Howard is the City Attorney,  or designee, of the Municipal Court. The office shall prosecute all cases brought before such court.