Community & Economic Development

Department Overview

The City of Ranson's Community & Economic Development Department proactively works to strengthen Ranson’s economy, maintain a business-friendly environment, and an overall quality of life for residents and visitors to enjoy. Community and Economic Development is structured to accommodate all aspects of development activity, as well as code compliance and community planning, while working with neighborhoods,  businesses and our other public partners to enhance the economic prosperity, vitality and the overall quality of life of our community.

We welcome your investment and your continuing business in our City.  We hope you will find the tools, information and resources on this site helpful in your decision to locate and operate your business in our community.


Since its inception, the Ranson Community and Economic Development Department activities have been integrated and have included planning and zoning functions along with community and economic development activities. Simply, the department’s duties can generally be divided into four principal functions or divisions: 

There is no debate the continued economic development and solid, community oriented urban planning is instrumental to the future success, growth and fiscal sustainability to Ranson. Ranson has the potential for great success with the construction of the following:
  • Completion of Fairfax Boulevard
  • Growth of new neighborhoods
  • Continued development of Potomac Marketplace and Potomac Entertainment District
  • Redevelopment of Old Town with strategic public infrastructure improvements and private investment
  • Remediation and redevelopment of the former foundry
  • Implementation of a new comprehensive plan and planning regulations to encourage sustainable and diverse neighborhoods




Our mission is to provide the regulatory framework and leadership to guide the city in the process and maintenance of its vision and support of its respective boards and commissions by:
  • Protecting and providing for the public health, safety, and general welfare of the city.
  • Securing community growth that is an efficient and economical use of public funds.
  • Providing harmonious development of the city and to secure safety from fire, flood, and other dangers.
  • Preventing overcrowding of the land and undue congestion of population and traffic.
  • Protecting and conserving the value of land throughout the city and the value of buildings and improvements upon the land, and to minimize the conflicts among the uses of land and buildings.
  • Establishing minimum requirements for the design, construction, and maintenance of subdivision projects and to assure the development of uniform subdivision platting requirements and procedures that will result in accurate land surveys and clear land titles.
  • Preventing the pollution of air, streams, and ponds; to safeguard the water table and to encourage the wise use and management of natural resources throughout the city in order to preserve the integrity, stability, and natural beauty of the community.