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From the Chief - 

Welcome to the Ranson Police Department. As Chief, I'm pleased you have taken the time to explore our website.  We hope to keep keep you informed and up-to-day about your police department.  It is the goal of your police department to have the lowest crime rate in our area, so it will allow our residents and visitors to enjoy a safe, wholesome community in which to live, work and raise families.

The dedication of the men and women of the Ranson Police Department is unparalleled; their commitment to our community's safety shows they are professionals. I am proud of them, and our community.

To our citizens: citizenship as an ethical value does not refer to ones' residence or status in ones' country or another; rather, it speaks to ones' duty to be a constructive, law-abiding member of the community who honors the rule of law, respects lawful authority, and abides by the letter and spirit of the law.

I invite you and would appreciate if you would submit any questions, ideas or suggestions you may have that would improve and enhance the quality of life of our citizens here in the City of Ranson.
                                                                     - William Roper, Chief of Police