Arts & Culture

  1. Arts & Humanities Alliance

    Learn about the Arts and Humanities Alliance of Jefferson County including programs, events, membership information, and more.

  2. Jefferson County Historic Landmarks Commission

    Access information about the Jefferson County Historic Landmarks Commission including meeting agendas and minutes, members, historic information, and more.

  3. Jefferson County Museum

    Discover the Jefferson County Museum where you can learn about the history of Jefferson County, view priceless historical collections, and more.

  4. Old Opera House

    Explore the website of The Old Opera House where you can find events, shows, auditions, class studios, and more.

  5. Washington Heritage Trail

    Peruse the Washington Heritage Trail where you can find points of interest in Jefferson County, Berkley County, and Morgan County, as well as trail history, calendar of events, self-guided tours, and much more.

  6. Washington Street Artists Cooperative

    Check out the Washington Street Artists Cooperative where you can view information about classes, events, artists, and more.