Evitts Run Park

The vision of Evitts Run Park is intended to turn the Charles Town Public Works and Landfill, an operating but obsolete and contaminated public works facility located adjacent to Evitts Run Creek into a recreational area for all in the community to enjoy.
One of the primary legacies of Ranson's industrial history is Evitts Run Creek, a 10.3 mile stream segment that is part of the Shenandoah-Jefferson watershed, which ultimately discharges into the Chesapeake Bay.

About the Creek
The creek runs though the heart of the corridor and is a key focal point for several initiatives including the Evitts Run Park Master Plan which includes:
  • Current Evitts Run Park
  • West Ranson Park
  • Ranson Civic Center
  • Charles Town Skate Park
  • Charles Town Public Works facility
The creek is currently listed on the West Virginia Category Five listing for stream impairment, and the EPA 303(d) listing for benthic macroinvertebrate population impairment. Despite these listings, the creek is stocked by the State Department of Natural Resources (DNR) with trout, and is potentially a food source for economically distressed residents.
Evitts Run Park Master Plan
Commerce Corridor Vision and Revitalization Plan