Safe Route: Phase Two

In August 2009, the city was fortunate to receive a second Safe Routes to School Grant for approximately $80,000 through the West Virginia Division of Highways. With the award of the city's first grant (Phase One) through the Safe Routes to School Program in 2008, the City of Ranson and Ranson Elementary are encouraging students to walk to school and are making that walk safer.

With the award of this next grant (Phase Two), the City hopes to build upon those successes by constructing additional handicapped-accessible sidewalks and improvements, and by proving secure bicycle parking facilities and traffic diversion devices. Construction will begin in 2011.
Safe Routes to School
Development Plans
Specifically Phase Two of the project will include the following:
  • Contract a licensed engineer to produce construction plans of the sidewalks, which are described in next bullet item, for approval by the West Virginia Division of Highways.
  • Construct approximately 600 linear feet of five feet wide concrete sidewalks that are handicapped-accessible, with appropriate ADA curb cuts and detectable warning devices (truncated domes), in front of Ranson Elementary on the west side of Preston Street between Eleventh and Thirteenth Avenues.
  • Purchase and install a secure bicycle parking facility (bicycle rack) at Ranson Elementary.
  • Purchase and install traffic diversion improvements (portable swing gate, moveable barricade, Do Not Enter signs, and Employee Parking sign) at Ranson Elementary.
Sidewalks, Bicycle Racks & Traffic Diversion
A sidewalk will be constructed in front of Ranson Elementary, thus providing connectivity to the school, where no sidewalk currently exists. The new sidewalk will tie-in with existing sidewalks at the north and south ends of the project area. The new handicapped-accessible sidewalks will provide students with a safe walkway where they would otherwise be walking along the side of the street or over uneven terrain. As more sidewalks are constructed that radiate from the school into the surrounding residential neighborhoods, students will be enabled and encouraged to walk to school.

The bicycle rack will provide a secure location to park bicycles at Ranson Elementary. Currently, no such facilities exist at the school. Providing a secure bicycle rack will substantially improve the ability of students to bicycle to school.

The proposed traffic diversion improvements (gate, barricade, and signs) will improve traffic flow in the front of Ranson Elementary and at the side parking lot. Currently, about 72% of students are transported to/from school by private vehicle. The signs and gate/barricade would be use to restrict drivers from crossing pedestrian walkways and entering the side parking lot during morning arrival and afternoon dismissal times.