Third Avenue Streetscape

In August 2009, The City of Ranson was awarded a $300,000 Transportation Enhancement (T/E) Project Grant to assist in its community development and downtown revitalization programs. Proposed facilities and amenities for the Third Avenue Streetscape Project include:
  • Replacement sidewalks
  • Replacement curb and gutter
  • ADA curb cuts with truncated domes
  • Pavement crosswalk striping, new street lighting
  • Replacement landscaping
Outside of this funding request, the City of Ranson will be provide benches for pedestrians, a bus stop shelter and a community kiosk as a compliment to this project.
Third Avenue Sidewalk
Drainage Improvements
The city will also coordinate with the West Virginia Division of Highways for minor drainage improvements at the intersection of Third Avenue and Fairfax Boulevard. The project limits will begin at the intersection of Third Avenue and Fairfax Boulevard (State Route 115) and extend eastward along Third Avenue, including the intersection of Third Avenue and Mildred Street and the intersection of Third Avenue and Preston Street. At each intersection, facilities and amenities will be extended away from the main streets when the specific award amount and constructability is realized. Construction is expected to begin in 2011.

Continuous Improvements
This project will continue the City of Ranson's efforts to improve pedestrian and streetscape features along the main transportation corridors in the downtown section of Ranson. Currently, the project area is difficult to navigate safely for pedestrians, bikers and persons with disabilities. The problem is especially acute near and adjacent to the hospital, where multi-modal access is most crucial.

The Third Avenue Project will link to and compliment other projects for which the City of Ranson is currently applying, such as Safe Routes to School and Recreational Trails, and will be followed by additional TEA-21 and other grant applications in the future. This and future projects will provide a complement to the walking / biking path installed along the West Virginia Route 9 project in Jefferson County, the first phase of the Safe Routes to School Grant, and over a million dollars the city has spent from its own funds to perform streetscape improvements in the downtown area. 

Economic Improvements
This continuity will contribute to the City of Ranson's recreational and economic development efforts in that walkers / bikers will be guided into the City Center from the Route 9 bike path through the project areas. This project is expected to provide support to the city's economic redevelopment efforts by providing an enhanced streetscape to attract potential businesses that may need pedestrian access as part of their business plan.

The project will provide a boost for the city in its efforts to establish a downtown atmosphere where currently, none exists. Future TEA-21 and other community development grant applications, as well as new developments will be coordinated together to leverage the effectiveness of this and future projects.

Accessible Sidewalk Developments
Historically, the City of Ranson's residential development efforts have lead to a chronic lack of sidewalks and safe road crossings. Although every street in the city has a right-of-way of at least 60 feet, the majority of streets are narrow and either lack sidewalks or have existing sidewalks that are seriously deteriorating. Thus, pedestrians must walk on the side of city streets and handicapped persons have difficulty navigating some of the deteriorating sidewalks and non-compliant ADA accessible curb cuts.

The City of Ranson has developed and continues to improve its comprehensive streetscape, storm drainage and beatification plan that will provide safe pedestrian routes throughout the city. In order to execute the streetscape plan, the city is also searching for diverse funding mechanisms to finance the projects. This grant is an essential part of the city's plan.