Charles Washington Hall Renovation Project

A shovel-ready Charles Washington Hall renovation project to construct a regional Commuter Center at Charles Washington Hall, along the Green Corridor in Charles Town. Charles Washington Hall is a major community landmark, dedicated in 1786 by Charles Washington, brother of George Washington and founder of Charles Town. 

Lack of Safety & Location Signage
The PanTran commuter bus that services the Harpers Ferry MARC rail station makes four stops in Charles Town, two of which are located in the downtown. However, these stops currently exist in theory only, and as a result PanTran bus service is severely underutilized. There is no signage to mark the stops, no shelter to protect waiting passengers from the elements, no ticketing or other commuter information, no means to purchase PanTran (or MARC rail) tickets, and no dedicated bus lane to ensure the safe loading and unloading of bus passengers along this busy roadway.

Safety Development Plan
In order to make it safer, easier and more convenient for residents to access regional transit services, as well as to clearly demonstrate the complementary nature of respect for historical preservation and preparation for future growth, Charles Town will re-design Charles Washington Hall to transform it into the Charles Washington Commuter Center. This new Commuter Center will provide:
  • A sheltered waiting area for bus passengers
  • Bicycle facilities
  • A sales and information area that will allow passengers to acquire transit schedules and purchase rail and bus tickets
  • A dedicated lane for buses to safely pick up passengers
By locating a Commuter Center in this prominent public building on the newly reconstructed Green Corridor, Ranson and Charles Town are able to preserve and strengthen the existing community while making their downtown areas an attractive location for ex-urban growth from the Washington, DC region.