Fairfax Boulevard / George Street Project

A shovel-ready Fairfax Boulevard / George Street project so that we can seek funds to construct. Originally envisioned by the founders of Ranson as a grand central avenue linking the urban centers of Ranson and Charles Town, the Fairfax Boulevard portion of the Green Corridor instead grew organically into a car-centric roadway that is unsafe and dysfunctional. The lack of sidewalks or safe crossing points make it difficult for pedestrians, cyclists or transit riders to safely utilize Fairfax Boulevard, while haphazard parking and overhead utility lines hinder private development along the corridor.

The complete streets improvements identified for the re-design to include the introduction of:
  • A landscaped (green infrastructure) median
  • Creation of dedicated bicycle lanes
  • Installation of street trees
  • Streetlights
  • Bus shelters
  • Safe walkways
  • Pocket parks
  • Green infrastructure to manage storm water runoff
Once constructed, this improved corridor will connect the central downtown areas of Ranson and Charles Town, including brownfield sites and workforce housing areas, to the Charles Washington Commuter Center, community and institutional facilities, park and recreational facilities and regional jobs centers.