In Ranson, the Mayor and City Council serve part-time and are elected on a non-partisan basis. Under the mayor-council-manager form of government, the City Council acts as the legislative body in establishing policy and law and the City Manager handles the day-today management of the city organization.
  • The Mayor is elected at-large (city-wide) for a four-year term and serves as the presiding officer at city council meetings and as the official head of the city for ceremonial purposes.
  • A Recorder and five City Council members are elected for staggered four-year terms.
  • Two of the Council members are considered "at-large" and represent the entire city.
  • Three of the Council members represent each of the three wards of the city.
City Manager
The Mayor appoints a professional City Manager, with the consent of the Council, who serves as the Council’s chief advisor, and the City Manager appoints the employees of the city, with the exception of the City Attorney and Police Chief who are appointed by the Mayor.
  • The City Manager is the CEO of the City government and is in charge of the day-to-day operations of the city, with the exception of the Police Department, who is under the control of the Mayor.
  • When the City Council makes a decision on an ordinance, law, or policy, the City Manager is responsible for implementing those policies.
The Manager coordinates the operations of all city departments and is responsible for the preparation of a proposed operating budget and its presentation to the City Council. This annual budget as adopted by Council provides funding, staffing, and general guidance to the city departments for the fiscal year.