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The Parks and Recreation Commission, the City’s most infant and smallest department, was formed to construct, expand and maintain the City’s park system and to provide recreational and educational opportunities to Ranson residents and surrounding communities.  The Parks and Recreation Department is responsible for the operation of the City’s parks and the Ranson Civic Center.  Parks and Recreation offers recreational opportunities for all age groups. 

The 2004 Ranson Comprehensive Plan identified a serious deficiency in public parks and recreational opportunities.  The City did not have any public parks in 2004. In response, the City Council formed the Ranson Parks and Recreation Commission to oversee and expand the parks system and to provide recreational and educational opportunities.  The City of Ranson has made great strides in providing for parks and open space since the 2004 Comprehensive Plan was adopted.   

  • Protecting Community Health and Safety – Continue to offer and develop more programs, leagues and events that encourage physical activity and healthy lifestyles.
  • Comprehensive Cost Recovery and Pricing Policy – Continue to monitor expenses and revenue and offer programs and activities that generate positive cash flow.
  • Invite Public Participation Through Increased Communication and Awareness – post and update information on the City’s website, through school distribution and other means to promote Park programs, leagues and events.
  • Seek Out and Develop Community Partnerships – Parks and Recreation has had success in the past in developing corporate and community partners.  Continue seeking opportunities to assist with league and facility development.