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Flowing Springs Park

Land Donation for the Park

The City of Ranson was fortunate to have received 29.7 acres of land that were dedicated to the city for the purposes of developing a community park located between Home Depot and Flowing Springs Road adjacent to Route 9.  The dedicated land was originally part of a larger parcel that was previously used as farmland but has been idle for several years and is now proposed for commercial and residential development. The original parcel and other adjoining parcels were annexed into the city in recent years and are planned for commercial and residential developments.

Park Establishment

The city has established Flowing Springs Park, a public park on the 29.7 acres, for non-motorized recreation and intends to provide wildlife viewing areas, a pedestrian trail network, a bicycle route, and interpretive markers, while maintaining a more natural environment in this future urban area. A preliminary concept plan for a trail in this park was included with the sketch plan for the adjoining subdivision, which at full build-out will include neighborhood trails connecting to this park's trail network.

On the other side of Route 9, dense residential and commercial developments are currently under construction. Fortunately, there already exists an underpass to enable pedestrian access from one side of Route 9 to the other. This easily accessible land is a prime location for a community park.
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